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August 5, 2010

SNOOK’S NOOK BLOG: ‘Museletter’ thoughts from Richard Heinberg

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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Richard Heinberg, author of nine books and Senior Fellow-in-Residence at Post Carbon Institute, presents some challenging and sobering ideas in his latest ‘Museletter.’  The piece is entitled YOU Can be a BILLIONAIRE Without Doing Anything!!! – Five Ways to Profit BIG from Global Collapse.

By way of background, the ‘About’ section of Heinberg’s website says that “Richard is best known as a leading educator on Peak Oil—the point at which we reach maximum global oil production—and the resulting, devastating impact it will have on our economic, food, and transportation systems. But his expertise is far ranging, covering critical issues including the current economic crisis, food and agriculture, community resilience, and global climate change.”  It also notes that, “In addition to his role with Post Carbon Institute, Richard serves on the board of PCI’s sister organization, Transition US. He lives in northern California with his wife and is an avid violin player.”

For the record, Post Carbon Institute, founded in 2003, is described as “leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world.”

To access the ‘Museletter’ by Heinberg, simply click on the following link:  YOU Can be a BILLIONAIRE Without Doing Anything!!! – Five Ways to Profit BIG from Global Collapse.

I’m curious to know your thoughts about Heinberg’s take on our world and the various challenges we’re facing.  Feel free to use the “Leave a Reply” form that accompanies this post to share your thoughts with River Country Journal readers.

Bruce Snook
River Country Journal


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