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January 9, 2012

Lockport Township Board defers action on fire service contract from Fabius-Park Fire Board until February meeting

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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The Lockport Township Board discussed a proposed fire service contract from the Fabius-Park Fire Board during its January meeting Monday evening (January 9th), but deferred action on the matter until its meeting in February.

Supervisor Ray Signorello explained that the proposed contract for ongoing service from the Fabius-Park Fire Department (FPFD) offers two options – one year for a flat fee of $80,000, or two years for a flat fee of $160,000.

Board members discussed various considerations regarding the duration of a new contract to continue service beyond the end of March when the current agreement expires.

During a post-meeting interview with the River Country Journal, Signorello noted that the proposed contract is the same as the current agreement with a flat fee to be paid regardless of the number of fire runs into Lockport Township.  (Ray Signorello audio clip – :14)

Although no formal action was taken, the consensus of the board was the delay a decision on the contract proposal until the group’s next regular meeting on February 13th in the hope that additional information from the Centreville Fire Department will be available regarding the possibility of expanding its service through a substation in Lockport Township.   (Ray Signorello audio clip – :15)

Through a contractual arrangement, the FPFD provides fire service to that portion of Lockport Township north of the St. Joseph River.  The remainder of the township is covered by the Centreville Fire Department of which Lockport Township is now a member.

The Centreville Fire Board meets on January 19th and Lockport officials hope to have further information from Centreville fire officials prior to making a decision on the FPFD contract proposal in February.

Lockport, Fabius and Park townships partnered for 51 years to operate a fire department serving all three townships, but the arrangement fell apart and Lockport Township withdrew from the partnership in the early part of 2009.

In other business, the board appointed Dannie Bloom and Jim Tolfree to the Lockport Township Board of Review.

For additional insights regarding the fire service contract proposal, click on the following link to hear the full interview with Supervisor Ray Signorello, an interview conducted by Bruce Snook of the River Country JournalRay Signorello interview (2:49 – 2.58 MB).


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