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March 11, 2012

Colon Elementary School hosts Daddy-Daughter Dance

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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Table & candles

Walking into the Colon Elementary Gymnasium was like walking into an enchanted Fairy Castle at the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Sparkly dresses, glittery lovely gowns, tiaras, and patent leather shoes turned Colon’s  little lady students into Fairy Princesses for one evening.  Dads, grandpas, uncles escorted their daughters (to the ball) in their Sunday Best. Fathers in the military wore their full dress uniforms.

A day at the salon for that special hairdo, polished nails, each wore a lovely wrist corsage, a big beautiful smile and with a twinkle in their eyes. The girls glided onto the ball room gym floor for a very special evening with their dad. Dancing to their favorite upbeat tunes of today.

Daddy-Daughter Dance at Colon Elementary School (Click on photo to enlarge)

Multi-colored helium balloons floated around the dance floor framing groups of candle lit round tables with tablecloths added to the flavor of the evening and memorable conversations.

Colored lights on stage added to the ambiance of the “prom like” evening and spotlighted each couple and groups as they danced and boogied around the room. The lights were purchased by Adam Bowen, 6th grade teacher at Colon, from the estates of the late Jerry Conklin of ‘The Amazing Conklins’ magician family.

Punch and cookies were provided by the teachers.

Mitch Miller, Colon Elementary Principal, and his wife were on hand to help chaperone the evening.

During the evening, dads with their daughter or daughters signed up to have their photo taken. Mary Himes, 1st grade teacher, passed out numbers as they signed up for their turn and paid their $1.00 for each copy. Millie Johnson of Photo Creations by Millie of Colon, a teaching assistant and photographer, set up a mini studio in a class room. Couples and groups posed in front of a stained glass backdrop. The canvas was painted by her son, Chris Johnson of Orlando, Florida. The canvas was in the Tiger Woods Buick Commercial where Chris is an artist. It was also on the site of John Travolta’s last movie set. “I sent Chris a text,” said Johnson “and he texted back, (J.T. just walked by!). I texted, give J.T. your phone so he can say Hi to your mom! Ha Ha! It didn’t work!,” smirked Johnson! Chris was head of the team that built the Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, special education teacher, edited the photos and put the package together. The photo package will be sent home with the students at school.

Proceeds from the photos go to the MiBLSI behavioral program for the students.  This team consists of teachers, administration and an ISD specialist. Each month different behavioral traits are highlighted. The team works on core, behavioral and literacy goals.

Teachers and teaching assistants who put this special evening together included: Adam & Kylie Bowen, Niki Tomlinson, Erin Moran, Mary Himes, Donna Dunlap, and Julie Bontrager.

Source:  Story and photo contributed by Millie Johnson.

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  1. Audrey

    I am in that photo. The guy with the tan pants in the front is my Dad.

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