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April 7, 2012

Help for young entrepreneurs important for rural development

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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“The future of small towns will require helping entrepreneurial young people learn the skills and find the resources they’ll need to succeed with local businesses.”

This statement offers the essence of an interesting article by Craig Schroeder in The Daily Yonder, a piece entitled Wise Towns Will Spur Young Entrepreneurs.  Schroeder is Senior Fellow for Youth Engagement at RUPRI’s Center for Rural in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I learned of the article via the April 2012 edition of the Rural Entrepreneurship Newsletter published by the Center.  In introducing the article, the newsletter says, “In this piece, Craig draws on the results of surveys with over 25,000 young people to make the case that young people have an interest in returning to their hometowns IF there are quality career opportunities for them. He shares some insights we have gained about how communities can begin to encourage the entrepreneurial aspirations of young people.”

To access the article, click on the following link:  Wise Towns Will Spur Young Entrepreneurs.

There’s also some interesting reading in another article from The Daily Yonder noted in the newsletter, one that focuses on Columbus, Nebraska.  The check it out, click on the link that follows:  How a Small Town Can Compete.

Bruce Snook
River Country Journal


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