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November 18, 2012

Lions learn about the Three Rivers Community Schools

The Three Rivers Community Schools – and Three Rivers High School, in particular – were in the spotlight during the Three Rivers Lions Club meeting Tuesday evening (November 13th).

Lion Norm Stutesman introduces Carrie Balk and Kevin Hamilton of the Three Rivers Community Schools, guest speakers for the Three Rivers Lions Club meeting on November 13th. Both talked about Three Rivers High School and the efforts underway there to meet the needs of the 800+ student body. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Kevin Hamilton, Dean of Students at the high school, and Carrie Balk, Educational Service Coordinator, were the guest speakers.   Both discussed their roles in the schools and presented information regarding various issues that they face in attempting to meet the needs of the 800+ students that make up the school current population at the high school.  They discussed such issues as poverty, homelessness, transportation, reading difficulties, and attendance, and how these factors impact not only the students but also the role of teachers and administrators in the schools.  They presented information regarding special programs which have been designed to provide tutoring , mentoring, and academic assistance classes to better meet the needs of students facing a myriad of difficult situations.   The presentation concluded with a question and answer period.

Following the presentation,  the meeting concluded with a discussion of the sale of nuts , the Christmas Party (12-4-12), the Christmas Food Box and Toy Project (12-22-12), and a presentation by Lion Jeff Mayuiers  and Tom Quake regarding their recent experience with the Lions Leadership Institute training program.  They encouraged those present to take great pride in what the Three Rivers club has as an organization.

The next Board of Directors’ meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday (November 19).  All members are welcome to attend.  The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, November 27. The program includes speakers Christopher Bolt and John Bippus representing  the St. Joseph County Road Commission.

The Three Rivers Lions Club is always seeking new members.  If you are interested, contact any Lions Club member.

Source:  Story by Lion Doug Gross, photos by Lion Bruce Snook


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