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November 29, 2012

SNOOK’S NOOK BLOG: Urban farming in Chicago

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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Bruce Snook of the River Country Journal

A headline in the eNEWSLETTER published by the Smart Growth Network caught my eye:  Chicago’s Urban Farm District Could Be Biggest in U.S.

The Grist article related to the headline was equally intriguing – and encouraging – in reporting on expected action by Chicago’s city planning department to approve the creation of a greenbelt with a strong focus on urban agriculture within the neighborhood of Englewood.  As noted in the newsletter synopsis about the article, “The plan is part of Chicago’s Green Healthy Neighborhoods initiative, designed to foster redevelopment in 13 square miles of the South Side.  More than 11,000 vacant lots exist in the neighborhood.  The farm district will help put this vacant land to use by creating entrepreneurial and job opportunities.”

As I read the article, I found myself wondering if some of the ideas involved in the Chicago setting could be applied – admittedly on a smaller scale – to help address some of the issues we face in the communities of ‘River Country’.

To check out the article, simply click on the following link:  Chicago’s urban farm district could be the biggest in the U.S.  If, after doing so, you’d like to share YOUR thoughts on the subject, feel free to use the ‘Leave a Reply’ comments form you’ll find below.

Bruce Snook
River Country Journal



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