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November 30, 2012

Three Rivers Health Authority Board endorses property donation/South Health Parkway improvements proposal

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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The Three Rivers Health Authority Board has endorsed the proposed donation of hospital-owned property to the City of Three Rivers in conjunction with improvements to South Health Parkway and ongoing location of the hospital’s HERN radio antenna on the city water tower on Broadway.

The action came during the November meeting of the board Thursday morning (November 29) and followed similar action last week in which the Three Rivers City Commission authorized City Manager Joe Bippus to develop an agreement regarding the matter.

Bill Russell, CEO of Three Rivers Health, reported that he and Bippus “have been engaged in a discussion of three material properties for the past many years” and outlined them this way:

  • “The Jacobowitz property.  This is roughly a six acre parcel of land landlocked between the city workshops (off of Lincoln Avenue), and the Industrial Park.  When last appraised, the property was valued around $40,000.  The property is currently used by the City under a long standing agreement with Three Rivers Health.
  • “Three Rivers Health has our HERN radio antenna mounted on top of the City’s water tower on Broadway.  The City has identified water tower space as a potential revenue opportunity.  There is a fee potential associated to keeping our antenna.
  • “The third is South Health Parkway.  South Health Parkway from Hill to Millard is a poorly constructed roadway and needs to be rebuilt.  The City estimates the reconstruction at around $90,000.”

Russell reported that Bippus has presented “a like proposal” to the City Commission “that the City assume possession of the Jacobowitz property and South Health Parkway – to rebuild South Health Parkway, particularly from Hill Street to Millard Street – that the City permanently deed access to Three Rivers Health to have the HERN radio antenna mounted on the City water tower on Broadway.”

In response to Russell’s report on the subject and his request for endorsement of the concept, the board voted unanimously to “support the initial proposal as outlined.”

In other business, the board acted favorably on a recommendation from Gerald Parton, Regional Vice President of Quorum Health Resources (QHR), the hospital’s management firm, regarding a pay increase for Russell.  In conjunction with a recent evaluation of Russell, who is employed by QHR, Parton recommended a four percent increase.  He said, “Keep in mind this is actually a two-year increase because there was no increase last year” and he equated it to a two percent increase per year.  In referring to the evaluation, Parton said, “The hospital has come a long way, but there’s still a ways to go.”  The board unanimously approved the increase which, according to Parton, will raise Russell’s annual salary to $225,200.


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