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December 10, 2012

Constantine police and school officials provide update regarding investigation of incidents at Eastside Elementary School

The Constantine Police Department and Constantine Public Schools have issued related news releases pertaining to an investigation of incidents involving a kindergarten classroom at Eastside Elementary School.  The releases were disseminated early Monday afternoon (December 10) from the Constantine Village Office.

The police department release says that, “As of December 9, 2012, the Constantine Police Department has concluded the investigation, as it pertains to the school portion,” and indicates that “the investigation results have been shared with the Superintendent, Chuck Frisbie.”

The release goes on to say, “The Constantine Police Department will continue to investigate this case in regards to those students who exhibited behavior(s) outside the realm of normal sexual curiosity.  The Police Department will be looking at the lives of these children and trying to determine if they have been victimized.”

The release closes by saying, “The Constantine Police Department would like to thank the staff and parents of the Constantine School System.  It was their cooperation, and dedication to the safety of our students, that made the investigation move forward.”

The release from the school district thanks the police department for its work, “especially Officer Holly Cerny,” and says, “Our village is fortunate to have such an outstanding officer available for this type of situation.”

The release reports that “Two students have been removed from the classroom and will be offered educational services at home until deemed safe to return due to inappropriate behavior.”  It goes on to say, “The District investigated the incident from the angle of supervision due to the complaint occurring in the classroom.  In doing so, we examined the set-up of the room, teacher computer usage and interviews with students.”

The school release says, “The teacher returned to her classroom this morning and police agree there is no criminal negligence on her part.  The students involved have told police the teacher did thwart other attempts between the students by being attentive.”

In the concluding paragraph, the release says, “As a result of the investigation, the classroom set-up was rearranged immediately so students are visible at all times and an additional aide has been hired to remain on a temporary basis to ensure these students aren’t mimicking inappropriate behavior moving forward.  Also, District staff review facilities throughout the entire District to guarantee blind spots are minimized.”

To view the police and school news releases, click here.


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