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December 10, 2012

John Rentfrow recognized for 17 years of service on Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education

Three Rivers Schools office

Superintendent Roger Rathburn (left) and John Rentfrow after presentation of a gift card as part of recognition for Rentfrow’s 17 years of service on the Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education.

Monday’s (December 10) meeting of the Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education was the final one for John Rentfrow after 17 years of service, including his role as board secretary in recent years.

Superintendent Roger Rathburn recognized Rentfrow during his ‘Superintendent’s Tidbits’ at the end of the meeting.  He noted that his arrival in the district coincided with the start of Rentfrow’s service on the board and indicated that – with both of them having children in school at the time – he got to Rentfrow as a parent as well as a board member.

Rathburn cited some historical facts from 17 years ago, points illustrating how much the world has changed since then.  He said, “I’ve been through a lot with John” and added, “He’s always been passionate about what he does.  He’s always been honest with everybody.  He’s very dedicated and committed to being a good board member.”

Rathburn said, “We’ve enjoyed the time that you’ve been with us.  It’s been a fun 17 years.  I’ve been fortunate to have you as a board member.  So has everybody else.”

Rathburn presented a gift card to Rentfrow, an action that was followed by a round of applause.

In responding briefly, Rentfrow said, “I’ve enjoyed being on the board.  It’s been a real good experience seeing what we’ve done with the schools.      I remember opening up the new high school and improvements to the elementaries.  We’ve made a lot of improvements.”  And, on a lighter note a bit later in the meeting, Rentfrow said, ” I helped build a lot of floats, I know that!”

Board President Susan Schmidtendorff, likewise a veteran member of the board, said, “John did a lot of stuff behind the scenes that nobody realized” and said, “He served countless, countless, countless hours during negotiations, some of those that were the more challenging, emotionally draining, difficult times.”

Rentfrow chose not to seek another term in the election held in November.  He will be succeeded by Carl Barth whose four-year term on the board will begin on January 1.

To hear some of Superintendent Roger Rathburn’s comments regarding Rentfrow and his board service, click here (1:30).

One Comment

  1. Pete Bennett

    John has been a very thoughtful board member, his contributions to the decision making processes have been significant. I will miss his genuine concern for determining the right things to do and then doing them.

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