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December 19, 2012

Brussee/Brady, Inc. chosen for Mural Mall reconstruction project

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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Mural Mall design

Brussee/Brady, Inc. of Three Rivers has been chosen as the contractor for reconstruction of the ‘Mural Mall’ and downtown street lighting improvements.  The Mural Mall links North Main Street to Railroad Drive and the West City Parking Lot.

In action Tuesday evening (December 18), the Three Rivers City Commission – utilizing the city’s Local Bidder Preference Policy – chose Brussee/Brady over the low bidder, Katerberg Verhage.  The commission also opted to move forward with two alternates, one involving creation of a play area, the other being inclusion of a security system.  With the two alternates added, the Brussee/Brady bid totaled $776,350, an amount that is 1.42 percent higher than the Katerberg Verhage bid.  The Local Bidder Preference Policy allows up to a five percent differential.

Steve Bishop of Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering shares plans for the Mural Mall reconstruction project with Commissioners Alison Haigh and Carolyn McNary.

In providing an overview of the project, Steve Bishop, project manager with Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering, said the Mural Mall is “getting old and it’s getting tired” and explained that “the impetus for the project was to revitalize that area.”  He highlighted key elements of the project and noted that it will also include a switch to LED street lighting in the central business district and replacement of bricks that are part of the current design with “something less maintenance intense.”  (Steve Bishop audio clip – 3:00)

Prior to discussion and action on the matter, Tom Brady of Brussee/Brady addressed the commission and said, “We submitted a pretty good bid, in my opinion.”  He said, “We would appreciate any consideration the city is willing to give.  I’m here to answer any questions and show interest in the job.”  And he added, “We’re less than a couple hundred yards away from it (Mural Mall) so I think we could pretty much tackle any problems quickly.”  Brussee/Brady is headquartered in the former granary at 110 West Street, very close to the Mural Mall project area.

Tom Brady of Brussee/Brady, Inc. spoke briefly to the commission before its consideration of bids for the Mural Mall project. He said, “We submitted a pretty good bid, in my opinion” and added, “We would appreciate any consideration the city is willing to give.”

The bulk of the funding for the project will come from a $750,000 Downtown Infrastructure Grant (DIG) awarded to the city in February.  The city and DDA are providing a $190,000 local match through a ‘debt forgiveness agreement’ regarding the walk-thru on the other side of the street – between North Main Street and the Portage River Parking Plaza.

“Substantial completion” of the project is expected by May 24, 2013.

The project does not include attention to the murals on either side of the passageway, works of art that account for the Mural Mall name.

Four bids were received for the project with the other bids coming from The Isabella Corporation and Northern Construction Services Corporation.

In other business, the commission approved two change orders:

  • $35,010.38 related to the project for improvements at the Clean Water Plant
  • $111,365.55 for water system improvements.


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