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December 29, 2012

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Encouragement for seeing “Chasing Ice” at Riviera Theatre

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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To the Editor,

The movie, “Chasing Ice” will be shown at the Riviera Theatre in Three Rivers beginning January 2nd and ending on January 10th.  We encourage everyone to go and see it.

“Chasing Ice” will show us what very few will ever see in person; the stunning beauty of the glaciers of Iceland, Greenland and other Arctic areas.  And more importantly, the movie will show how these massive mountains of ice are melting into the sea.  It will help us understand what scientists mean by climate change and why we should take action to minimize our contribution to it.

The factors that influence earth’s climate are complicated.  It is hard for our minds to comprehend how a global, average increase in temperature of just a few degrees could completely disrupt the systems that make our planet habitable for 9 billion humans and all the other species we depend upon.  In “Chasing Ice”, National Geographic photographer and former climate skeptic James Balog has done his best to help us see and understand the changes that have already taken place with less than one degree of warming and why we should care.

The movie will show on January 2, 3, and 4 at 6:00 p.m., January 5 and 6 at 3:00 p.m., and January 9 and 10 at 8:30 p.m.  After the 3:00 p.m. showing of “Chasing Ice” on January 6th, there will be a community forum to discuss the movie.   We welcome your input.

For more information, visit the Riviera Theatre website at www.trriviera.com, chasingice.com, or extremeicesurvey.org.

Carol Higgins, Mendon  and  Rob Sisson, Sturgis


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