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January 22, 2013

Southwestern Michigan College Board of Trustees elects officers

DOWAGIAC – At its regular meeting on Monday evening (January 21st) the Board of Trustees of Southwestern Michigan College elected officers for the next two years. Re-elected to their current positions were Dr. Fred Mathews, chairman; Keith McKenzie, vice chairman; Tom Jerdon, treasurer; and Bill White, secretary.

Pictured in back (l-r) is Southwestern Michigan College Board of Trustees members Beth Cripe, Paul File, and Becky Moore, all trustees. Front row (l-r) is William White, secretary; Keith McKenzie, vice chairman; Dr. Fred Mathews, chairman; and Tom Jerdon, treasurer. White, McKenzie, Mathews, and Jerdon were all re-elected as officers of the board for the next two years. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Dr. Mathews started his 49th year as chairman of the board of trustees. He was elected as the board’s first chairman in 1964, the year the college was founded. He has been re-elected by his fellow trustees as chairman every two years since. Dr. Mathews is now the longest serving community college board chairman in the United States.

McKenzie, of Marcellus, was elected to the board of trustees in 1969, Jerdon, of Dowagiac, in 1991, and White, of Jones, in 1992.

Chairman Dr. Fred Mathews said, “I am very proud to serve with all the dedicated trustees of Southwestern Michigan College. Each and every one serves for the right reasons – service to students, the taxpayers and the community. The long term service which all the officers represent, gives the board a great stability and experience, while the other three newer Trustees Paul File, 2003; Beth Cripe, 2011; and Beck Moore, 2012; bring a balance and new perspectives to the board. Combine this board with a superior president, faculty, and administrative staff it is no wonder that Southwestern Michigan College is recognized a one of this nation’s premier community colleges.”

Source:  News release and photo from Southwestern Michigan College


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