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January 23, 2013

Kalamazoo City Commission imposes moratorium on LED billboards in Kalamazoo

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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New technology sometimes prompts concerns and opposition.  That’s the case in Kalamazoo where the city commission has approved a moratorium on LED billboards in the city.

For more on the story from MLive, click on the following link:  With LED billboard moratorium approved, Kalamazoo city staff plans stakeholder meetings about the new technology.


  1. Here's your sign

    Very wise move…there is one of these on 131 in GR that is too fricken bright at night and is a driver distraction. There is one in Oakland County on !-75 not too far from the Chrysler Tech Center that is even worse insofar as too bright and a distraction.

    What is really a pain in the butt is how these will change from ad and will go from a dark ad and then to this really bright one…kinda like stepping out of the movie theater in to bright sunny day. It’s blinding for folks like me that have eyes that don’t adjust to light and glare quickly…night driving is challenging enough already.

    Every time I see one of these billboards, I think of all the legislation to prevent distracted driving having to do with texting or cell phone use and how cops can (and will) pull you over and ticket you for this –yet corporations can have one of these things in my face flashing with its bright LED’s that just screams ” look at me” and it’s been OK.

  2. Advertising companies have always done things to get attention no matter what the cost. At least they finally put limits on the screaming commercials between network shows.

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