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January 26, 2013

Decisions remain to be made regarding vacant St. Joseph County Administrator position

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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St. Joseph County Courthouse

Judy West-Wing wrapped up a 30-year career with St. Joseph County on Wednesday (January 23rd), the last 20 years as County Administrator.

The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners has not yet taken action to fill the vacancy created by West-Wing’s departure, a situation she discussed during a final-day-on-the-job interview with the River Country Journal.  West-Wing said, “I know they’re thinking about it.  I’m not aware that they have a plan yet – and the plan could be to just ‘wait and see’ and kind of see how things shake out, and what needs to be covered, what doesn’t need to be covered.”  (Judy West-Wing audio clip – 1:01)

Judy West-Wing

When asked how day-to-day operations will be conducted without a successor in place, West-Wing said, “They’ll be just fine.  There are very good people here that know their job.”  She said, “We have an administrative team, a management team” and added, “The board will need to give each of them a little direction as to what are their parameters and I expect they’ll probably do that.”  She noted that an Executive Committee meeting will be held next week and said, “I know it’s on the agenda that they’re going to talk about that, but they need to give the parameters to empower somebody.  . . .  As I’ve told the commissioners, somebody needs to be in charge.”

West-Wing expressed confidence in the future and said, “It’ll be fine.  Everything will work out.”

To hear the segment of the interview with Judy West-Wing that deals with addressing the vacancy – a conversation with Bruce Snook of the River Country Journal click here (4:43 – 4.32 MB).

The full interview includes the history of West-Wing’s involvement in St. Joseph County government over three decades, the rather unique nature of county government and the role of the County Administrator, changes that have occurred during her years with the county, and her comments about the status of the process to address the vacancy resulting from her departure.  To hear the entire interview, click on the following link:  Judy West-Wing interview (44:54 – 41.1 MB).


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