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February 2, 2013

SNOOK’S NOOK BLOG: On measuring things – GDP versus GPI

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Written by: Bruce Snook
Bruce Snook of the River Country Journal

Jurriaan Kamp, Editor-in-Chief of The Intelligent Optimist, shares some interesting thoughts on how we measure things.  He talks about Gross Domestic Product (GDP), our conventional approach to measurement, and suggests that another measure – Gross Progress Indicator (GPI) – is a better tool.  To explore this further, click on the following link:  The economy shrinks and life gets better.

Bruce Snook
River Country Journal


  1. Ernie

    The general nature of modern economics is sick. We are convinced of many things that turn out to be false.

  2. Ernie,

    Thanks for sharing the very sobering article by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS. I hope other readers will take time to read it.

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