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February 7, 2013

Man rescued after falling through ice on Pleasant Lake

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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The Three Rivers Fire Department (TRFD) reports the rescue Thursday morning (February 7th) of a man who fell through the ice on Pleasant Lake west of Three Rivers while ice fishing.

According to a news release, the Three Rivers Fire Department, Fabius-Park Fire Department, and St. Joseph County Dive Rescue were dispatched at 7:56 a.m. and 911 received a report of a man through the ice on Pleasant Lake.

A responder arrived on scene at 8 a.m. and confirmed there was a man in the water, and two civilians attempting a rescue using a ladder and some rope.  An ambulance arrived on scene at 8:30 with a fireman/paramedic already donning an ice rescue suit.  A rescue was initiated and the man was reported to be out of the water at 8:08 a.m., just 12 minutes after the initial dispatch.  The man was transported by ambulance to Three Rivers Health.

Christy Linn, a resident of Pleasant Lake, heard someone yelling for help.  She sent her husband, Jeff, to investigate and call 911.  Jeff and his son, Josh, located the man in the water.  They retrieved an extension ladder and a rope and attempted a rescue, but it would be too difficult to get the warmly dressed man out of the hole surrounded by weak ice.

“Their technique was appropriate, but very risky,” said Fire Chief Dan Tomlinson. “The entire Linn family is to be credited for a happy ending. Thank goodness for Christy’s astute hearing, and you have to credit the father and son that risked a lot to save a lot.”

A TRFD responder also ended up in the water during the rescue attempt, but was uninjured.

Area residents are being cautioned about deceiving ice and snow conditions.

Source:  News release from Three Rivers Fire Department

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  1. Another Darwin Award nominee......

    4 words…..Schwann’s Breaded Fish Fillets….I like fresh fish through the ice as much as the next guy but give these a try until the ice thickens up……

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