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February 8, 2013

Mural Mall progress report

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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The ‘Mural Mall’ reconstruction project in downtown Three Rivers continues to move forward.

Christy Trammell, executive director of the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority, provided the following update via e-mail Thursday afternoon (February 7th):

Here’s a glimpse of activity underway Friday morning (February 8th) in the ‘Mural Mall’ as reconstruction of the walk-thru continues, along with work on lighting and sidewalk improvements in the downtown area. (Click on photo to enlarge)

1.  This week should see the completion of all 6 seat walls (2 at each tier).  We have heard general approval and complimentary remarks from F&V regarding the product, although some finish work and ‘tweaking’ may yet need to be completed.

2.  Subgrade for the curb work above (north) of the east set of seat walls was completed.  Work consisted of digging out above the drain pipe previously installed and re-filling and compacting the grade so Jeremy (F&V) could perform density tests.  Site discussion today indicated that Jeremy was satisfied with the work completed and that compaction efforts passed muster on tests performed.

3.  Mike Lutz has begun layout for planter curb A (also above the east set of seat walls).  Several discussions were held on site discussing the related Pergola bases and the intertwining of said curb and pergola foundations.  We have a plan and are acting on it.  Lutz will look to pour 80′ or more of curb at a time, while filling in any slow time by pouring light pole bases on the street (17 bases are set and ready).

4.  Grade work will be completed on the south end of the mall, from center to east, to achieve subgrade in this area.  When completed, we will scratch out the sand (dig) and install the 8 pipes called for on the electrical drawings running from the new service to the street.  Expected to be completed next week.

5.  East side light pole bases and feeders have all been roughed in, back filled and compacted.  All traffic issues should be returned to normal at the street until further notice.


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