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February 9, 2013

Three Rivers City Commission authorizes work to repair storm sewer at Wood Street and Fifth Avenue

Wood Street & Fifth Avenue signs

“I’d like to know what the plans are for that big hole at Wood Street and Fifth Avenue?”

‘The Big Hole’ at Wood Street and Fifth Avenue in Three Rivers (Click on photo to enlarge)

That’s the question posed by Fourth District Commissioner Carolyn McNary during the ‘commissioner comments’ portion of Tuesday’s (February 5th) Three Rivers City Commission meeting.

Barricades and fencing around storm sewer problem area at Wood Street and Fifth Avenue intersection in Three Rivers (Click on photo to enlarge)

Amy Roth, director of the Department of Public Services, explained that the “big hole” is in the vicinity of a storm sewer manhole.  She said the hole is “about 8 to 10 feet right now, deeper than what our equipment can handle excavating, and we also have two sanitary sewer lines very close to it so we’ll have to have a contractor come in and take care of that.”  Roth said DPS was in the process of securing someone to come in and do that and indicated the cost will exceed the $7,500 limit for expenditures without city commission approval.  In the interest of expediting the process, the commission voted to authorize city staff to move ahead with the project.

Roth said the storm sewer is not close to drinking water.  She also said, “It’s not undermining the road any more.  There’s been no additional washout going on.”


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