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March 5, 2013

Recommendation for ‘superintendent search’ provider expected at next Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education meeting

The Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education is expected to receive a ‘superintendent search’ provider recommendation from its Human Resources Committee at the board’s next meeting on March 18.

Pete Bennett, secretary of the Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education, reported Monday evening on the work of the Human Resources Committee regarding the selection of a firm to provide superintendent search services to the district.

That was the indication Monday evening (March 4) as Board Secretary Pete Bennett reported on the work of the committee on which he serves along with Board Treasurer Waneta Truckey and Trustee Christy Trammell.  He said the committee met at 5:30 – prior to the board meeting – and reported back on calls each had made to “former customers” of MASB and MLI, the two firms that are under consideration to assist with the process to select the successor to current Superintendent Roger Rathburn who plans to retire in 2014.

Bennett said, “We, unfortunately, did not reach a consensus in terms of which is the better of the two based on that kind of feedback.”  And he said, “The long and short of it is, we got glowing reviews from former customers for both, and there are pros and cons to both and we didn’t have time to reach a consensus because  this meeting was about to start.”  Bennett said, “We’re looking for direction about where you would like us to go next because we’re not in a position yet to recommend one or the other.”

The end point of conversation on the topic is that the board is looking to the committee for a recommendation – and agreement that committee members will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May 18, the date of the next board meeting, to determine a recommendation to present to the board.

During a day-long meeting on November 19, the board heard presentations from four potential providers of superintendent search services and subsequently trimmed the field to MASB and MLI.

MASB indicated a basic fee of $8,000 for assisting with the search while MLI said its fee would be $6,500.


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