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March 13, 2013

Persons 50+ invited to participate in ‘Technology and You’ survey

St. Joseph County Commission on Aging signage

The Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging and its State Advisory Council on Aging are interested in knowing more about how people use technology and if they use technology.   A brief survey is available for anyone at all the St. Joseph County Commission on Aging Senior Centers and will also be online to access.  You must be 50+ years of age to fill out a survey.  All responses will be confidential and the results will be reported as a group.  The cutoff date for completing the survey is May 25.

Surveys will be located at:

  • Three Rivers Senior Center, 103 S. Douglas, Three Rivers
  • Sturgis Senior Center, 304 N. Jefferson St., Sturgis
  • Constantine Senior Center, 185 W. 5th St. (United Methodist Church), Constantine.

The online survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PSF8P2W.

If you have any questions please contract Sally Steiner (Project Director) at (517) 373-8810.

Source:  News release from St. Joseph County Commission on Aging


One Comment

  1. Back in the day of crank phones and smoke signals

    Somehow I think the demographics of this survey are gonna be a bit skewed

    Why? Call me crazy, but I am guessing that if you are over 50 and read this article on this INTERNET news outlet and can access the ONLINE survey then odds are you are probably going to be biased more on the higher end of using today’s technology.

    Conversely, if ya don’t happen to frequent one of these 3 locations mentioned above where you can pick up a survey and you just found out they have the internet on computers now, you probably aren’t going to be represented well in this survey.

    Other hints that you may not be in the targeted demographic for this survey if:

    a) You have to pull the string tighter to get better reception on the phone
    b) Your version of a a remote is to tell junior to walk over to flip the TV to one of the 3 channels on the black and white TV
    c) A “dish head” in your mind is you picking out fragments of the fine china out of your scalp from criticizing the missus meatloaf recipe that was served up for dinner Thursday evening
    d) You want to know how to get internet service to hook up to your Tandy TRS 80
    e) You want to know why you can find MLB 2K13 for your Atari (because playing “pong” just doesn’t quite do it for ya any more)
    f) Think a rotary dialed phone is still better than those fancy smart phones that often come equipped with a stupid user
    g) If your first car made a noise that sounds like “clip clop, clip clop, and ran on hay….
    h) You can’t understand why the post office returns all your letters you mailed using your stash of 4 cent stamps.

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