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April 25, 2013

Twin County Community Probation Center donation boosts Three Rivers Fire Department’s fire safety program

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The Three Rivers Fire Department’s fire safety program has received a boost with a donation from the Twin County Community Probation Center in Three Rivers.

Program Director Kevin Butler and two residents of the center, Kevin White and James Shattuck, presented a check for $660 to Lt./Paramedic Dave Cramton Wednesday morning (April 24) at the fire station.

Participating in Wednesday’s Twin County Community Probation Center check presentation were (left to right) Kevin White, Dave Cramton, James Shattuck and Kevin Butler. (Click on photo to enlarge)

During an interview with the River Country Journal, Butler  noted that the donation will help fund a program “that teaches kids what to do in the event of a fire.”  (Kevin Butler audio clip – :30)


Butler explained that the money came from residents of the center through a setup in which “they get an extra 8-hour pass to get back in with their families and maybe make amends with their families so that they can spend time there.”  And he said, “We saw this come up and decided this would be a very good place to put that money from the residents.”

Regarding the donation from the probation center residents, Cramton said, “It’s a wonderful gesture on their part” and added, “A lot of this will go toward materials that we provide for them (children) that make fire prevention not only a learning experience, but a fun way to learn for them and something that they can always remember.”  (Dave Cramton audio clip – :43)

The fire department conducts a fire safety program in October.

To learn more about the Twin County Community Probation Center donation to the fire department, click on the following link to hear the interview with Dave Cramton and Kevin Butler, recorded by Bruce Snook of the River Country JournalDave Cramton and Kevin Butler interview (4:21 – 3.98 MB).


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