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May 11, 2013

Three Rivers spruces up during ‘Community Pride Day’

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Written by: Bruce Snook
Larry Hass helped with weeding near the footbridge over the Rocky River.

HUGE may well be an appropriate word to use in describing the turnout of volunteers for ‘Community Pride Day’ in Three Rivers.

Weed pulling, mulching, litter pickup, parking lot cleanup, painting and pond cleaning were among the many tasks tackled by the host of volunteers, city employees and city officials who joined together Saturday morning (May 11) for the community improvement project in the downtown area and in nearby Scidmore Park.

Before setting out on their tasks, Community Pride Day volunteers gathered together for a group photo at the Carnegie Center for the Arts. (Click on image to enlarge)

Volunteers were asked to meet at the Carnegie Center for the Arts for donuts, coffee and direction for the activities aimed at improving the appearance of the city.

Around 9 a.m., Christy Trammell, executive director of the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority (DDA), welcomed the volunteers and asked them to gather on and around the stairs leading to the upper level of the Carnegie Center for a group photo before getting their assignments and fanning out for their work.  (Christy Trammell audio clip – :35)

The day’s activities marked a continuation and expansion of the community’s longstanding tradition of spring cleanup focused on the Central Business District.

DPS workers and equipment, plus volunteers, including folks from The Home Depot, helped with cleaning of the pond on the west side of the park, near Spring Street and the playground. (Click on photo to enlarge)

One of the projects in Scidmore Park was cleaning of the large pond near Spring Street and the playground.  During an onsite interview with the River Country Journal, Amy Roth, director of the Three Rivers Department of Public Services (DPS), noted that the pond collects leaves, sticks and debris, prompting draining to clean it up in advance of the Water Festival in mid-June.  (Amy Roth interview – 1:37)

The Scidmore Park activity included cleanup of the flower beds near the park office and picnic shelter, plus painting other picnic shelters in the park.

In comments Monday – looking back on Saturday’s activities – Trammell said, “Saturday was a testament to what Main Street is all about.  We took the idea of turning it into a Community Pride Day from Clare, MI, where we had our first Main Street Training.  (I’m) so pleased with the amount of work that was accomplished!!”

Looking ahead, Trammell noted that flowers will be planted Wednesday afternoon (May 15) and, if people would like to come and help, they can meet at the Chamber office at 3:30.  She said, “We were not able to plant flowers Saturday because, with the frost advisory, it was a risk of losing our investment.”

The accompanying photographs will provide additional insights regarding the activities carried out during Community Pride Day.  Enjoy!

The Three Rivers Fire Department used its equipment, hoses and personnel to wash down the rock gabion walls of the pond. (Click on photo to enlarge)


Weeding and mulching in Scidmore Park  (Click on photo to enlarge)

First District Commissioner Jared Hoffmaster (left) and Mayor Tom Lowry (right) were among those who assisted with painting of the picnic shelter near the St. Joseph River and the Farmer’s Market pavilions. (Click on Photo to enlarge)





Weeding and litter pickup along North Main Street  (Click on photo to enlarge)



Painting of streetlight poles on South Main Street was among Saturday’s activities.



Doug Mitchell of UniQ Jewelery and Danielle Moreland of the Riviera Theatre were among the DDA members who participated in Saturday’s Community Pride Day. (Click on image to enlarge)


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