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July 5, 2013

Independence Day 2013 brings ‘Citizen of the Year’ honors for Angie Birdsall, drawing for Constantine Cares Quilt

Plaque - Constantine Citizen of the Year - 2013

In addition to a parade and fireworks, Thursday’s (July 4) Independence Day celebration in Constantine brought formal recognition of Angie Birdsall – known as ‘the bicycling reporter’ – as the community’s ‘2013 Citizen of the Year’.

Birdsall set aside her bicycle to ride in a convertible in the parade and – during a brief and light-hearted post-parade ceremony in the Riverview Park pavilion – received a plaque presented by Pat Stears and Village President Pat Weiss.  The event was attended by village officials and other well wishers.  The plaque thanks Birdsall “for outstanding community service” to the Village of Constantine.

Pat Stears, Angie Birdsall and Pat Weiss (left to right) during the brief Independence Day ceremony recognizing Birdsall as ‘2013 Constantine Citizen of the Year’. (Click on photo to enlarge)

In remarks while making the presentation, Stears noted the journalistic contributions by Birdsall in reporting on many aspects of the Constantine community via area news media including the River Country Journal.

Birdsall expressed thanks for the recognition and said, “It is a great honor.  It is a great honor to live in Constantine.”  She said, “I researched what is correct to say for a good acceptance speech, but then I concluded something said from the heart is always best:  I love Constantine!”  And she said, “There are things about Constantine that can be found nowhere else.”

Police Chief Jim Bedell and Trustee Willie Harder hold the ‘Constantine Cares Quilt’ won by Midge Bedell whose ticket – number 224 – was drawn by Angie Birdsall. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Following presentation of the plaque and some picture-taking, Birdsall was called on to do the drawing for the Constantine Cares Quilt which was won by Midge Bedell.

To hear the award presentation ceremony, click here (2:08 – 1.95 MB).

For additional information about the selection of Angie Birdsall as this year’s Citizen of the Year, click on the following link to access an earlier story in the River Country JournalAngie Birdsall named ‘2013 Constantine Citizen of the Year’.


  1. Rosie Reed

    Congratualtions Angie Birdsall!! People can certainly tell that you have a passion for the community of Constantine and they are fortunate to have you as a part of it!

  2. Mark Honeysett

    I couldn’t agree more with Rosie. You will not find anyone who is more enthusiastic, more engaged, or more deserving of this award.

    Thanks Angie.

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