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July 5, 2013

SNOOK’S NOOK BLOG: More trailer parks in our future?

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Written by: Bruce Snook
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Bruce Snook of the River Country Journal

Pacific Standard, a bimonthly print magazine, offers some provocative reporting on meeting the housing needs of retiring baby boomers.  An article published in April suggests that the trailer park may help meet that need.

A brief introductory item about the article says, “A healthy, inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution for housing millions of retiring baby boomers is staring us in the face.  We just know it by a dirty name.”

To access the article from the magazine’s related website, PSMAG.com, click on the following link:  How the Trailer Park Could Save Us All.

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Bruce Snook
River Country Journal

One Comment

  1. Nancy

    Like most housing, I think the biggest factor that plays into its success will be “location.” BBs (Baby Boomers) no doubtedly will consider “manufactured housing” or mobile home parks if these are indeed upscale retirement communities that are located in warm weather states! But I highly doubt that the typically “envisioned” mobile home park in the midwest or east will hold much appeal for most BBs!

    Second, I think BBs will see this as an option if they have considerable resources (income) – in fact, the cost of purchasing a fairly new manufactured home AND the monthly lot rent (plus other costs) would probably equate to a typical monthly house payment (and related expenses) for a $100,000 plus home! If anything this newly designed standard of living for retiring BBs in my opinion will be for the fairly affluent!

    But, after all these years, this lifestyle might finally be that realized dream of a “Utopian Commune” for Boomers!

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